Netflix mod apk download v8.11.0 (Premium Unlocked)


Hey, all of you welcome to the most demanding article that is all about Netflix mod apk. In this article, we will discuss all the details of the Netflix mod apk including downloading process, use, working and its benefits. So let’s start our topic with the question is what is Netflix? And there are the most probably asked questions by those who don’t know about Netflix. So let us clear all about Netflix.

What is Netflix?

We are living in a remote world where we want all our work and activities to be done within a second with one click. For example, today we are using robots for our daily work in our homes, offices and everywhere. Same as we don’t like to waste our time waiting for our favourite movie, drama and cartoons to be on television and wait for the whole day. Therefore we are in a search of another way by which we can see our favourite serials, movies and anything with one click without waiting for their on-air time.

All our problems are solved by one server that is the Netflix mod apk. Netflix is a mobile server or a live streaming website through which you can watch your favourite serials at any time and at any place. The only thing that you will have to do is simply install Netflix on your android mobile phones and then you can use it freely without any time and place restrictions.

Netflix mod apk

Watch movies without limits

As there are many advantages of Netflix by downloading it on your android mobile. You can watch your favourite serials, movies and anything at any time. But the only thing that makes this server more interesting is a secure and excellent internet connection. And you have to make an account first in Netflix mod apk. You can watch any serial or movie from any episode or scene where you left your serial from watching and that’s a great benefit.

Another important advantage of the net fix mod apk is that regular updating. The new and upcoming episodes and movies are updated regularly and it will make you active by showing notifications on it.  And you can also search for your favourite drama and movie on Netflix mod apk at any time. All the drama and movies are uploaded on a ranking basis of their view. The most popular show is ranked first.

Netflix mod apk

Netflix mod apk

To meet all the requirements and demands of the users the American technologists invented this Netflix mod apk. This server is popular among 130 countries all over the world and is famous worldwide. This is the most popular movie and television live streaming services all over the world.

Netflix is popular all over the world due to its amazing features. These features are the HD video quality, sound quality, speed and many more features makes it an amazing server. You can use Netflix from its official website or from download through Google play in apk mod.

What can we watch on Netflix?

You can watch anything that you wants. You can watch dramas, movies and even the most popular historical dramas that are famous across the world. You can watch drama or movies of any country in your own country in HD audio and video quality. You can also watch animations, films, theatres and animations also.

Netflix descriptions

Update on                                                    December 15, 2021

Name                                                             Netflix

Publisher                                                       Netflix, Inc.

Version                                                          8.11.0

Size                                                                 21 M

Price                                                               FREE

Requirements                                              android network required

Payment to watch movies on Netflix?

You do have not to pay a very big amount for Netflix. By paying a very small amount per month you can use Netflix on your mobiles, android, laptops and computers etc. the payment method is quite complex and we will discuss it also.

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Paying methods:

The paying methods areas:

  1. Basic:

This is the lowest cost package and this package have limited features and the cost is 8.99 dollars. There is only one disadvantage and is that you can watch shows only on a limited screen at a time. With you, no one can watch shows and serials. And the video quality is SD, not HD.

  1. Standard:

In this package, there are a few more benefits. It includes that you can watch anything on more than one screen. But you can watch only on two screens not furthermore. You have to pay 12.99 dollars for this package. And the video quality is HD not like in the basic package in which only SD quality is available.

  1. Premium:

This is the most beneficial package among the other two packages but with more benefits, this package is a bit expensive according to its advantages. In premium, you have to pay 15.99 dollars for a month. As this package is quite expensive but has many extra benefits. You can watch your shows on many screens. Almost watch on four screens. And the video quality is also HD with superb audio quality.

Every month you can also get an extra benefit of a free trial. In your free trial, you can download your favourite movies and dramas and then watch them offline without a data package. There is no need of making different or many accounts for different family members. You can log in with only one personal account and don’t need to pay more payment in subscribing packages.

Netflix mod apk

Advantages of Netflix:

There are uncountable advantages to Netflix. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Easy to use:

There is no hard and fast rule of using Netflix mob apk. You can use it easily without any difficulty by installing and logging in.

  • no adds:

Appearing in ads is a disgusting thing and we hate while watching your favourite serials. But in Netflix, this thing can’t bother us. Ads do not appear in the Netflix mod apk.

  • download option;

There is a download option is available for you. You can download your favorite shows and movies for later use and you can watch it without any extranet package.

Limitations of Netflix:

In spite of the many advantages and benefits of Netflix there are some limitations of Netflix. These limitations areas

  • The packages are bit costly for watching your favorite movies, serials and everything you wants. For all this entertainment you have to pay a huge amount.
  • If you are watching dramas, movies and other serials of other countries then you need to have subtitles but sometimes subtitles are not available and you have to face difficulty in watching your favorite shows and movies.
  • The speed is very slow in movies.
  • Subscription also need charges and it is not free of cost.

MOD APK version of Netflix

Premium features:

  • Diverse range of movies.
  • No additional charges.
  • No login
  • HD quality movies
  • Subtitles availability
  • No adds
  • High downloading speed

Why choose the MOD premium version?

In the premium version, there are no limitations and you are free to use or watch anything at any time. And you do have not to pay extra charges for it.

Netflix mod apk

Netflix mod apk download

For a huge amount of fun and excitement of dramas and movies, you have to download the Netflix mod apk. You can simply download it from your Google play store or app store. Then you can enjoy a bundle of movies, dramas and other theatre shows. Netflix on your android mobile is like a little cinema for you at your home.


There are many features of the Netflix mod apk. Following are some of the features

  • Unlimited movies and TV shows

You can watch unlimited movies and TV shows in one place and that’s called Netflix mod apk. You can watch uncountable movies, shows and many things in one place within one click.

  • No adds disturbance

Unlike other online apps in which there is a lot of disturbance by the appearance of useless and disgusting ads there is no additional disturbance in Netflix. You can enjoy your favourite shows without wasting time watching ads that are useless.

  • Watch 4K videos

As 2k round is more enough to watch movies or videos on a smartphone but you can also enjoy 4k round in Netflix mod apk to watch shows more clearly.

Netflix mod apk download apkpure

How to install Netflix mod apk?

There are a few simple steps to install the Netflix app mod. These steps are explained below and you have to follow these steps carefully.

  • Step 1

First, open your Google play store and install Yesplayer on your android mobiles.

  • Step 2

Then download the Netflix app from the link that is in the Yesplayer that you recently installed.

  • Step 3

After downloading you have to install it like all the other apps that you install from the Google play store and needs access.

  • Step 4

Then you need to change your mobile setting to an unknown source.

  • Step 5

Then the app is fully installed on your android mobile and you can use it after making an account on it.


This article comprises all the descriptions about Netflix mod apk. In simple words, this application is a bunch of entertainment, movies and TV shows.

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